Mentor foundation is non-government and non-profit organization that endeavor for the better education and health for destitute people.

Childhood and the age of adolescence are perhaps the most momentous period in an individual’s journey of life. They are characterized by creative bursts of energy, immense curiosity about the self and the world, sudden changes in the physical, educational emotional and social dimension and expanded need for communication. They are also periods of grappling with an identity crisis, feelings of isolation, anxiety, alienation and confusion. Each individual is unique with inherent positive attributes and latent potential and it is the responsibility of the school to provide opportunities for young talent to blossom and flourish. The biggest killer in the world today is not war, disease or natural calamities. It is life style related diseases.

The school can work in the arena of war against illiteracy, knowledge, Knowing Your Body, Personal and Environmental Hygiene, Behavior and Life Skills, Physical Fitness and Being Responsible and Safe.

In Today’s Environment Education has become most expensive, & all kind of families cannot afford education for their children. Mentor Foundation is playing an important role against poverty and illiteracy. Those families who are interested for better education of their children are warm welcome by Mentor Foundation.

Any further suggestions for improving the Education & Health service are always welcome.